Core Principles

Free men and women have no need for others to direct their affairs or to interfere in their economic interactions. Any man who considers himself fit to so order the lives of his countryman is the most unworthy to wield power. *

Only private citizens create wealth. Government can only appropriate what has been produced by the energies, vision, risk and competence of others. **

Subsidies have become one of the spoils of the Patronage System and exists to force products upon the people that they do not want and that the market will not support.

Private citizens have the right to be armed to protect their homes, property and persons. In a free society the government should fear the people and not the people the government. [1]

Open border immigration is unsustainable in a country that provides welfare, food stamps, housing assistance, public education and basic healthcare. [2]

A robust and reliable supply of affordable power and fuel is essential to the military and economic security of a nation.

Be suspicious of those who constantly insist that “the debate is over.” This is employed by those advancing emotional arguments to silence those in possession of contradictory facts. [3]

The constitution provides for the equality of opportunity, not equality of outcomes. [4]

Wherever there is liberty there must be disparity in economic circumstances because freedom allows the passionate to strive and innovate but compels no man to labor.

Whenever government does for the people what they can and should do for themselves they are deprived of their dignity and initiative. The recipients will shun self-reliance, demand additional entitlements and become contemptuous of productive citizens.

* Paraphrase of Adam Smith

** Paraphrase of Frederick Bastiat

Footnotes 1-4 relate to quotations found under Selected Quotations