Kyle L. Stallings

The creator and author of Liberty or Bondage is Kyle L. Stallings. A descendant of pioneer farming and ranching families, Kyle is a fourth generation West Texan born in Big Spring, Texas. He learned the principles of self-reliance and limited government from his parents. His political views came of age as a college volunteer for Ronald Reagan’s 1976 presidential campaign. Kyle is a graduate of Texas Tech University.

Authors who have influenced his thinking have been Ludwig von Mises, F. A. Hayek , Frederick Bastiat, Ayn Rand, Jr, Milton Friedman, Faustino Ballve, and Frances Schaeffer. Kyle began traveling to Romania in 1997 where the vestiges of communism and its oppression of the human spirit and initiative strengthened his commitment to liberty and freedom.

Mr. Stallings is the Managing Partner of Permian Basin Acquisition Fund, a small oil and gas investment firm located in Midland, Texas. He serves as a trustee of Midland Classical Academy, as a board member of Missio Link International/Romanian Ministries, and a board member of the Liberty Institute. He is also a co-founder of MarketPlace Midland and is a member of the Governor’s Business Council of Texas. He married Jamie Quanz in 1982 and they have 5 children and 1 grandson.