Other Undeniable Truths

The only requirement to be considered an authority on energy is to know absolutely nothing about the subject and to hold extreme anti-oil and gas opinions.

The primary ingredient that determines educational achievement is parental involvement. Educational spending is irrelevant.

Americans enjoy the cheapest and most reliable supply of energy in the free world.

Once elected, politicians are not endowed with wisdom and understanding that they did not possess in all those years that they led ordinary and unremarkable lives.

Too often politicians do not care about what is good or bad for the country but only that they do not get the blame.

Many politicians consider it “generosity” to take from one group by taxation and give to another group. However, these same politicians give a shameful percentage of their personal incomes to the poor or less fortunate.

The removal of over 25% of all wage-earners from the federal income tax rolls effectively eliminated tax-cuts as a political issue. These voters no longer car about government spending or tax rates.

As demonstrated in the 1960s, 1980s and 2000s when marginal and capital gains tax rates are reduced the economic engine of the country is stimulated, jobs are created and tax revenues increase.

The more government expands the less responsive and more incompetent it becomes.

The integrity of the voter rolls and the ballot box is the only distinction between legitimate elections and banana republics.

Only the private sector produces. The public sector only consumes.

If man is incapable of making decisions in his own best interest then how can his fellow man be qualified to make those decisions for him?

The left is always prepared to use the force of law to silence dissent.

“Climate Change” is a scam advanced by inane platitudes, supported by discredited premises, erected upon corrupt foundations, promoted by duplicitous opportunists.

There will always be disparity of outcomes in a nation where every man is free to pursue his passions and dreams but no man is compelled to labor.